70 Million Shares of HMNY Traded so far Today! WTF? Pure Evil Today

Never in the history of stock trading has their been more ridiculous volume than this issue.

How is this possible? Naked Short Selling is going through the roof, combined with Massive ATM Dumping. And NO SEC ACTION!

The SEC, FINRA, NASDAQ officials ALL know that this is happening and some officials have even as much admitted it to tipsters who are writing to me. This is a scandalous fraud and it undermines the integrity of the markets when allowed to continue unabated by all regulators.

That no regulator will comment on public record on a massive highly visible spectacular folly like this is absolutely absurd.

Tipsters have alerted me to the potential that Robinhood is making shares of HMNY available for shorting in dark pools, and investors on the platform are totally unaware that their “investment” in Moviepass is actually being used against them to help naked short sellers have confidence that they can cover their positions at any time.

All of this is being done in brutal effort to purposefully pound the stock down to bankruptcy levels.

Farnsworth and Lowe should be screaming from the rooftops and pressing regulators to investigate every possible violation here.

Why have they done nothing? Are they in on this scam?

Some believe that Farnsworth may be collaborating with Hudson Bay and Oppenheimer Funds, siphoning money out of these short sale gains off to the Cayman Islands. That is a radical idea. But nobody thinks it is radical that Farnsworth would be a crook!

HMNY has turned out to be one of the most bizarre, illegally manipulated stocks ever on the face of the planet.

How can the US Government Agencies and the Public Markets not make any moves to investigate this and offer some kind of explanation!!??

This is a fraud unlike we have seen since Bernie Madoff!

Pure criminal, pure evil going on here!

70 Million Shares and a float of what 5 Million? This is manipulation like we have never seen!