Analysts Predicting More Investment in Streaming Services – Great for Moviepass

Apple is looking to get into streaming services and getting into content. Analysts are calling it a “shot across the bow” to Netflix. As I stated in my “dumb pipe” piece, technology companies have a growing interest in content and streaming services. The reason for this is obvious. Technology companies want to own the hearts and minds of consumers. They feel like they absolutely must be in front of the eyeballs of consumers to stay relevant and to keep their platforms strong and viable.

I received a lot of criticism on my dumb pipe piece. Many calling it my worst and dumbest piece ever. I stand by the piece 100%. As Apple and Disney both enter into the streaming space, it is very likely that all parties will be looking to make acquisitions and investments to differentiate their services. In my opinion this makes the potential Moviepass spinoff a very interesting acquisition target. Netflix or Amazon could both easily be potential suitors to a Moviepass play. Moviepass would add tremendous value to Prime. Amazon is constantly looking for new ways to add value to its Prime membership, and has proven they are not afraid of the physical world. Amazon has also shown some interest in purchasing theaters. This could make for a very interesting combination. There have been several movie length Prime films that would have made excellent theatrical releases. The combination of a Prime Moviepass offering could make Prime even more valuable for Amazon customers. And all of this could happen just when Amazon is starting to feel more heat from other retailers in the online space, with Walmart, Costco, Target and others slowly closing the gap on Amazon’s online shopping experience.

There backdrop to heavy investment, a lot of big players duking it out in the content space, and Moviepass offering a unique content viewing experience is a tantalizing thought. I see this company starting to get some real traction.