Don’t Look Now! Moviepass Works Great!

All the bitching and complaining from the scammers and past abusers of Moviepass have clogged the headlines for the past several weeks on Moviepass.

The meltdown caused by these freeloading freaks seems to have passed.

The fact is Moviepass IS WORKING! And it’s working pretty damn well! The biggest movies and the new releases are being offered with enough regularity that if you had even a mild interest in any particular film it would be a simple endeavor to find a showing.

Every single film on Box Office Mojo’s top 10 has been or currently is available on MP. A subscription customer wouldn’t miss a beat here.

Peppermint and the Nun has been widely available even at non E-ticket theaters all weekend long. Crazy Rich Asians was also widely available since release.

The app has been totally stable for weeks. And there has been nothing but improving availability for the past 2 weeks.

None of this is getting covered in the press of course, because it does not fit their negative narrative. That too could change, as the press does like a comeback kid. If Moviepass stays stable and announces any surprises the narrative could swing.

This means the nonsense of MP being a service so deprecated nobody will want it is just BS spread by competitors and abusers with sour grapes.

Moviepass works great now, and the fact is it is great deal for consumers.

Tons of options today!

Peppermint- Yep

Nun – Yep!

LA – No Problem

Washington D.C. No Problem

New York – you betcha!