Fox Business Interview and New Model

Link to Interview on Fox Business

  • Utilization Rate .08
  • 3M Subs Holding
  • Down to $12M cash burn now
  • Changes “will make us profitable”
  • Ted Denounces dilution
  • Say they have 6 month worth of cash
  • 1 Million already switched to new plan
  • Mitch – “New plan gets us to cash flow positive, and when the market starts to realize that the need for capital is declining rapidly I think people..Investors”.  Cavuto interrupts “what’s in it for the customers?”   Damn it Cavuto – let the man answer the question!

New Model – at .8 Utilization and $11ticket price  (highest I have ever modeled) show GM positive.

I am not sure why they can’t just show a profitable month for August now.  Maybe they will?

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