Hilarious New York Post Response from John Crudele

Updated with a new link to this excellent story from Buzzfeed. If you don’t see this as dark side of humanity… I can’t help ya

I guess I got under John Crudele’s skin a bit at the New York Post. He dedicated his lame little column to me! :-).

He edited my letter to him to make him look better. But he is a weasel, so I didn’t expect anything better from him.

My point was pretty obvious, a small percentage of hogs of Moviepass were ruining the service for everyone. They were taking delight in it, and it was IMO an ugly side of human behavior.

In Crudele’s sick world if you have health insurance, you should use it to the maximum amount. Hell, you should probably eat bad, smoke and not exercise so you can milk the maximum benefit out of your policy. Heart bypass is expensive and is included- so load up!!

If you hit the all you can eat lunch at the local restaurant, starve yourself beforehand and make sure you ONLY select the most expensive things offered. At the salad bar, blueberries are spendy, load up only on those suckers for sure! And if you can get away with it share your plate with others. It’s not your fault that they have lax security at the buffet- take all you can!! And if you boorish behavior means that there are no blueberries for anyone else. Screw those people! You paid for all you can eat. And if the restaurant ends the buffet because people like John, too bad, they had a crappy business model, they should have never offered blueberries to pigs!

Police and Fire services are also unlimited. In John’s twisted world it makes sense to call them for just about anything you can. Need a ride to the doctor – call 911. Neighbor playing music a little loud – call 911. Who cares if it clogs the system and others might be harmed as a result. John paid his damn taxes and he is ENTITLED to his services! Screw everyone else! Right John!

In the area where I live, the irrigation water is unlimited for a flat fee. Neighbors here try to be considerate and not over water their lawns just because they can. They have even agreed on a schedule that works to keep water pressure higher for everyone on the system where different houses water on different days. It works rather well. And yes the water company is private and they do make a profit.

Unfortunately there are a few John Crudele’s in the neighborhood here too. They water everyday, wasting most of it, they give their neighbors the finger by sprinkling their grass on days when they are not supposed to be watering.

Around here we call those people selfish assholes. That is pretty much the same thing I call John Crudele. 🙂