HMNY Time of Death 5:27PM February 12th 2019

My final post on HMNY and apologies to those who invested in HMNY. The company is indeed being delisted from the NASDAQ today and moving to OTC. It is rare for a company to come back from this type of episode, and even more rare that stockholders won’t be totally cleaned out even if they do return.

Here’s the official news.

What I Personally Learned Investing – or umm Gambling – on HMNY/Moviepass

I learned a lot on this one. I will now file it away in my never ever ever again pile and move on.

It’s a shame, but these things happen when you take a big risk. I wish it would have turned out different. So many obvious mistakes, and so easily prevented. Farnsworth was always a scumbag, but Lowe also falls to a new level of scam artist.

OTC is not the very end, but it is in my opinion close enough to call it. I did not liquidate my position as it was so small it was no longer even a rounding error for my account. Also I said I would stick through this for at least 5 years, so I will hold that commitment.

I don’t expect any miracle. This is death for HMNY and likely Moviepass as well.