Incredible Positive Interview Fox New & Maria Bartiromo

MoviePass Investors should be very excited today.    An absolute home run interview with Mitch Lowe & Maria Bartiromo.  She calls it a “Movie Lover’s Dream”.  Says it the momentum is “incredible”

  • Mitch talks about exclusive events with John Travolta at 5 different locations to promote the Gotti film
  • Mitch says multiple 10’s of thousands of new subs yesterday alone.
  • Maria says she is excited to see the Gotti film
  • Maria says that people “LOVE” their MoviePass
  • Mitch reiterates the experience and getting out of cocooning – a new PR message they are pushing

“Oh my god,” he told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo during an interview on Thursday. “I think tens and tens of thousands of people have just subscribed since yesterday.”

Folks – you can’t buy an ad this good.  I mean literally, you can’t buy this type of endorsement from a major media show host like Maria Bartiromo.  I was in the business and I can say without a doubt these people will not sell an endorsement like you see in this interview.   Incredible value here!

Mitch is doing a great job in these interviews.  He comes off as personable, excited about the product and the business.   I have done a few video interviews in the past and worked with many different executives in prepping for TV interviews including Bill Gates, it is not easy.  Mitch is a natural.   It is rare to have a CEO leader this comfortable in front of a camera.   A tremendous asset to a young company like MoviePass.


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