Just When You Think Business Insider Can’t Sink Any Lower

The Clickbait machine called Business Insider has struck again. This time with a headline that is almost incomprehensible.

“MoviePass is trading at just 2 cents a share, but investors are still piling into bets it’s headed to zero”

I won’t even link to the story here because I don’t want to help them get clicks.

But I will say that Business Insider has hit a new low in financial journalism and a new high in creating fake news.

On a day where HMNY is green, and the market is mostly down, BI somehow finds the time to write yet another hit piece on Moviepass.

At this point you absolutely have to be asking what is the motivation here?

For those who don’t know Business Insider is run by Henry Blodget. Blodget is notorious for being banned from any involvement in the securities business because of his fraudulent pump and dump analyst coverage in the dotcom era. He was fined $2 Million for disgorgement.

This guy is about as crooked as they come. He was writing public buy reports on companies while recommending selling them to his employer in later revealed emails.

That’s right folks, whatever this guy writes, he probably is thinking the opposite.

So if the most recent article from his little fake news Clickbait machine seems a little odd to you today. Maybe that background might help.

Business Insider has been consistently gunning so hard against Moviepass and HMNY. Why? Ask yourself – what is their motivation? No other publication has written anything on HMNY for 4 days. The company has largely stabilized. There has been no new news. So why would BI publish an obvious hit piece on the company today?

Maybe their motivation is not in the interest of “saving retail shareholders”. Certainly the CEO of Business Insider has no history of protecting retail shareholders. In fact it has been shown that he has only done the opposite. And that he’s been fined $2 million by the SEC for duping shareholders purposely in the past.