Mitch Lowe Sustainability Media Blitz

Our fearless Moviepass leader Mitch Lowe did a big media blitz focused on explaining how the service is now sustainable.

I have been part of PR tours like this. Mitch did an excellent job. Stayed on Message. Didn’t get rattled by hard questions. He was optimistic, sympathetic to customers, while confident in the business and his team.

The Best Interview of the bunch yesterday was on Cheddar– they hit all the things investors should care about.

Key Points:

  • Profitability predicted 6-9 Months
  • Burn already down 60%
  • New measures will bring burn quickly to zero
  • This is the last of the big changes
  • Utilization Rate was closing in on 1 already
  • Big Media companies have already made a pass at buyout
  • Dilution will ease as Burn goes down – first time this has been directly addressed
  • Vague response to spend for content development- alluded to using the base as currency, and that content was important to bringing exclusivity to MP customers
  • Predicted a year from now “the story will be a lot different from survival”
  • Says team is dedicated to proving the world wrong about failed business
  • Still growing like a weed

The stock is behaving like a wounded duck still. This stock gets no respect, it will have to be earned with real numbers now. Fear of management missing targets- Shorts and daily dilution remains the issue.

If numbers get delivered – stock could jump huge. It’s a big IF. Lotto anyone?

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