Moviepass …and I …Blew it on Belief of the Golden Rule

Today’s New York Post article reminded me where I blew it on my Moviepass investment. I was always taught the Golden Rule and believed that most people were good and also lived by a similar doctrine.

In the case of Moviepass – I have lost a good deal of faith in humanity, and have come to the realization that there is a much higher percentage of the population who now subscribe to the “always take as much as you can get” philosophy of life.

I am afraid Today’s consumers are a reflection of a society brutalized by capitalism, angry at their position in life, and all too happy to stick it to the man! Corporations, to this group of people, are faceless entities out to get them, and they will be dammed if they don’t get their ounce of blood in any deal they make with that corporate beast.

New York Post writer John Crudele states “According to MoviePass data, I have seen 54 movies since last November. Yes, I forced myself to go to movies I didn’t even want to see. If I fell asleep during the show, I went to see it again — something MoviePass no longer allows.”

Wow! Seriously- this is literally like a fat ass who starves himself before going to a buffet restaurant to see how much hurt he can put on the establishment. In a normal world, in any normal cultural situation a person like this would be considered a world class selfish jerk, a user, a nuisance to society. But somehow here this guy is thinking he is a hero…?

Imagine a friend is going to throw a party later in the week and has a fridge full of beer. You come over the day before the party to visit and he tells you to help yourself to some beer while you are there. Would you purposefully go and drink as many beers as you possibly could – even if it meant there would be no beer left for the party later in the week?

If you answered yes to that question – you are what is known as a selfish asshole. Your parents probably didn’t raise you with any respect, and your are likely a terrible neighbor and friend.

So when did it become cool, or even acceptable to start treating companies you do business with this way? I am not exactly sure. Somewhere something happened in our society where a high percentage of consumers decided that corporations are entities that are against them, and you must deal with them like you are a selfish asshole, or you will be getting screwed by “the man”. Maximizing your take becomes more important to this type of consumer than being part of a working system that benefits everyone. This type of consumer could care less about anyone other then them-self and the maximum reward they can accomplish.

This is a dangerous attitude and it’s bad for the country. It is well known and documented that trust in one another is one of the leading indicators of happiness for any nation. The Nordics excel in this. If we all behave like schoolchildren who have never learned how to share and treat others with respect, it will be very difficult for us to advance our society with trust.

The narrative of a New York Post reporter celebrating their part in taking down a company because of their selfish behavior should be condemned, not celebrated.

When did it become cool to become a selfish asshole? How in the world does that make this country a better place to live? And how can we start to build trust with each other on important issues like healthcare, education and other social contracts where fair usage based on mutual trust is paramount?

I guess I am old fashioned, and I still believe in the Golden Rule. But now with my Moviepass investment I am hardened a bit. I can’t trust people will behave themselves like self respecting adults. They will overeat for the sport of it. Take advantage of a program just because they can. Their parents should not be proud!

I have the sinking feeling that people like John Crudele at the Post are the same people who would jump at Socialized medicine. Something generally I support. But I can’t trust people like John not to totally abuse the system, as apparently he is wired to take whatever he can get, beyond what he needs, even if it leaves others with nothing at all.

Yeh- my faith in humanity dropped a bit following the Moviepass debacle. And my hope for a better country dropped a bit with it too…

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