MoviePass Models

My Original MoviePass Model 04/25/2018 

MoviePass Model 5/1/2018   This model includes:

  • Ticket Price Average $10.50
  • Subs at 3 Million in April ramping to 5.8 Million in December – and  January 2019 Sub 6 Million
  • Slight Increase in Ad Revenue to $4.00 Per Sub by EOY
  • Sub Utilization 1.35

Updated with  Ted Farnsworth comments from  5/8/2018 NY Post Interview

MoviePass Model 5/8/2018

  • Lower Utilization rate based on Ted Farnsworth comments on NT Post article.
  • “Farnsworth, however, disputed AMC’s figures, saying MoviePass members had actually visited the chain an average of 1.8 times in April.He added that MoviePass has slashed that number to 1.13 since it began cracking down on users who have been sharing their memberships and watching the same movie more than once.“Anything below 1.5 for us is great, because you can make it up with other revenues” from marketing deals and other corporate tie-ins, Farnsworth told The Post.”
  • Lower Average Ticket Price base on Mitch Lowe comments of increased penetration into lower cost metro areas.

Post-Apocalypse MoviePass model.

8/4/18. I have dropped the subscriber numbers way down from previous apocalyptic model. The new restrictions are now so intense that I think Moviepass will lose a little more than half of their subscribers.

I figured I would produce a new model with all the updates and changes made to MoviePass – Here’s the link to the new model. 

NEW Model – After Fox Interview on 8/15.