New Model with 3 Movie a Month Limit

New Model Here

This was a quick and dirty – easy update.

  • Raised Subscriber Estimate as I think less churn will happen with this new plan
  • Lowered ARPU for Sub based on keeping $9.95 Price Point
  • Help Non-Subscription Revenue to Previous Guidance $4-6 a month
  • Hog Killing drops Utilization dropped to 1.1 – or 13 Movies per year on average.

New Model shows:

  • Breakeven Gross Margin EOY
  • Revenue at $75 Million Quarterly or $350M Run Rate by EOY

Any other company with these numbers would be a buy at HMNY’s Market cap.    But we all know this thing is “special”  in a BAD WAY.

NO MORE THAN 2 %.  — Say it with me!!  NO MORE THAN 2%!!


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