One Word On the Vice Story

Vice did a silly eulogy story on Moviepass today. But one important word stood out in that story. “Emotional” — that word says it all. People had an emotional connection to Moviepass as a service, and many still do. Moviepass brought back the magic of going to the theater again to many people. The problem of course, there was a little too much love from too many users, along with scammers and abusers.

But the emotional connection is critical, and it is a very difficult thing for a brand to create. And while part of that was formed from the great deal Moviepass provided. Part of it was simply the joy of seeing films you probably would not have seen, and really enjoying the experience.

I continue to believe 3 movies a month plus a decent discount on top of that will be enough to keep many consumers attached to the service. Will it be the original massive hype of unlimited- no. But it will be good enough to keep the majority of subscribers Moviepass has now, and I am seeing more and more people saying they are still signing up friends and family to the service.

Yes the old Moviepass is dead – Long live the new Moviepass!