Robert Visse

Senior Product Management & Marketing Leader  

Data-Driven and Results Oriented 

Entrepreneur – Investor   2014 – 2017

Owner and creator of PNW Enterprises – A successful auto financing business generating over $1 Million in yearly revenues        

Microsoft Corporation         1994 – 2014

General Manager/Product Management, Online Services Division                       2008 to 2014

  • Led Product Management, Business Planning and US Media team for the MSN Media Group at Microsoft.
  • Completed a turnaround of the MSN business successfully reinventing the business by reducing significant costs and maximizing profitable revenue. Resulting in a P&L turnaround from $600 Million a year loss to posting a $200 Million positive contribution margin.  
  • Turnaround included the successful relaunch of MSN Product offering, bolstering high engagement and high-profit channels and global markets while eliminating underperforming assets.
  • Board Member – Senior board member for Microsoft’s Joint Venture with NBC News.  Served as a primary Board leader for the JV, provided strategic direction and management to MSNBC CEO and senior-level executive leaders. 

Senior Director, Product Manager, Windows Server                                               2006 to 2008

  • Responsible for leading Marketing, Product Management, PR and Planning teams for Windows Server Business; a $2 Billion annual business that delivered consistent double-digit revenue and profit growth.  
  • Led Microsoft’s largest product marketing launch of 2008:   Windows Server 2008.
  • Marketing Launch broke new ground for Microsoft – deeply connecting with customers, was recognized as the top marketing campaign for the company that year. 
  • Initiated and executed on Microsoft’s first hybrid cloud computing service offering. 

Senior Director, MSN Partner Marketing Premium Digital Subscriptions                                                                                                                      2003 to 2006

  • Managed the Partner Marketing Program for MSN Premium Subscriptions with a Partner Marketing Budget of over $100 Million Dollars.  
  • Responsible for defining and developing partner strategy and ecosystem for MSN premium subscriptions across division.
  • Successfully drove partnership strategy that delivered over 80% of the Premium Services revenue for the MSN Division. 
  • Strategically identified and eliminated low value \ low profit channels and partnerships.

Director, MSN, PR and Promotions                                                                           2001 to 2003

  • Responsible for driving strategic PR and Promotions plan for the MSN division of Microsoft.
  • Managed team of 10 FTE’s and over 40 agency employees.  
  • Managed $12 million budget.  
  • Successfully executed plan to generate buzz, awareness and trial of MSN’s premium services.
  • Drove highly competitive PR battle against key MSN competitors.  
  • Drove millions of high value impressions across all major media outlets.

Lead Product Manager, Microsoft Windows Desktop                                               1999 to 2001  

  • Responsible for driving technical reviews with key influential press, technical and financial analysts and key enterprise customers for Windows Client team.
  • Played a critical role in helping Windows 2000 client achieve 100% positive technical reviews from key technical press publications. 
  • Successfully influenced several key feature changes to Windows 2000 Client with development team, based on influential customer and press feedback.

Product Manager, Microsoft Internet Explorer                          1996 to 1999

  • Managed IE4 launch event. This was the first major industry launch event for Internet Explorer including 100’s of partners, enterprise customers, press, analysts and influential attendees.
  • Formed several major distribution partnerships with leading industry ISP’s

Product Manager, Microsoft Windows                                                                      1994 to 1996

  • Responsible for analysis of Product Support cost controls for Windows Client Business.
  • Implemented a plan with support organization to reduce support spending by more than 40%.


Western Washington University, Bachelor of Arts

Major: Public Administration, Minor: Economics

Advanced Coursework from Kellogg Business School – Microsoft Executive “Bench” Training Coursework

Microsoft Corporate Bench Program Graduate – 2005 = Equivalent to Kellogg Executive MBA program