Seeking Alpha Inspired Me To Start My Own Blog!

For a long time I have been interested in sharing my investment research with others.  After working in corporate America for 25 years, achieving financial freedom, and retiring early to live the good life – on a budget, I decided it would be one form of giving back – to try and help others think about investing, saving, and securing their financial freedom.   I know there are a lot of blogs on this topic.

Mr. Money Mustache.  was an early inspiration for me.  Although I was well on the path to his way of thinking before I found his site.

Financial Samurai has also been a long favorite of mine for a long time.

And there are many other great sites that cover planning, budgeting, and how to think about investing for financial freedom and a future beyond the chains of the 9-5 rat race.

I started writing a few blogs on Seeking Alpha – but quickly got frustrated by their narrow focus on day trading.   So that inspired me to start my own blog so I can have the freedom to write about  whatever I want, and to share my ideas on achieving and maintaining financial freedom.  But I also want a place where I can talk about specific investment ideas in detail.

I believe that it is a lot more fun and interesting to manage your own investments, and to pick things you are passionate about investing in to motivate you into saving off money to make those investments.  It is hard for young people to get excited about investing in Index funds because they take all the thinking and dreaming out of the investment equation.  And that is not to say that ETF’s and Index funds are bad investments!  Far from it, they are some of the best, if not the best way to achieve long term wealth.  However, they are as boring as watching paint dry.  Many argue that is a great thing.  I disagree.  Young people should be excited about the companies they invest in, they should learn what makes a company valuable.  It leads to a better understanding of the world they live in, and motivates them to be a part of that world.   We need more people to take financial control over their lives.  I hope to make a small dent into that problem.

So this is the start of something new for me, and I hope I find an audience that I can help along the way.