Stocktwits – HMNY Board- the Worst of Social Media and Investing All in One Horrible Place

I admit it  – I am as addicted to social media as much as the next guy.  I have tried going totally cold turkey on Facebook, I made it for a while, but it has this strange gravitational pull to it.    I have weaned myself away from it, but for whatever reason, I seem to find myself back there.  It’s very odd to me because for the most part I really don’t like it.  I have little interest in most of the content, and I know my posts are totally silly and useless, and worst of all I feel worse for having gone there.

Social media is like a drinking binge, or eating that full pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  It feels sort of good at the time, but the results are almost always negative and lingering.   Luckily I don’t have an Instagram account, I don’t totally get Twitter, and I am too damn old for Snapchat.

By far the worst social media platform of any I have ever been a part of is StockTwits.   For those who don’t know about it, StockTwits is a social media platform designed for sharing ideas between investors, traders, and entrepreneurs. At least that is how it is described on Wikipedia.

StockTwits brings together all the worst of human emotions and behavior into a single stinking pile of social media dung.  Greed, deception, desperation, manipulation, all mixed in with relentless trolls looking to break the spirit of their adversaries.   It is truly a social media hell on earth.

I found this horrible place when I found my most horrible investment idea   and total scam company Helios & Matheson  – the terrible parent company of Moviepass, with the worst and most idiotic scammer CEO Ted Farnsworth.  A mistake I will never forget – both because of the 99.9999% wipeout, but more for whatever strange reason I decided to start writing about this company when I was intoxicated by the central idea of the company and believed the lies of the management Mitch Lowe – CEO of Moviepass, and Farnsworth  – CEO of HMNY told with regularity through an eager press.

StockTwits brings together greedy and stupid day traders, paid manipulators, and sad misguided investors.   I suppose I was the latter of these three.   When you are invested in a small company that is in trouble, and they are not communicating with their investors, you get desperate.  So you seek information wherever you can find it.  Many desperate people head to StockTwits to see if they can find any useful information to help them figure out what is going on.   Let me save you some time and trouble – there is absolutely ZERO useful information available on StockTwits.

Using StockTwits for investment advice or information is like using a hairdresser to get medical advice.  She may offer it up, but it’s probably dangerous!

For those not on the platform, let me give you a few clips to give you an idea of the intelligent discourse going on during today’s bloodbath of the near-final death experience of HMNY today.


This is a fun one – I have to give OV3R_9000 some credit, these GIFs took some work!

And this one also worth honorable mention


By far the most prolific poster I have ever seen on StockTwits is some guy who goes by the alias GreeTeacup.   This dude is seriously obsessed with HMNY, he posts at least 50 times a day on the platform, he is short on the stock.  The guy is totally demented, but his posts are sometimes actually pretty hysterical.  He is a master at creating and sharing animated GIF’s.  They are often GIFs of Farnsworth in compromising photos.   Here are a few of his good ones!


Teacup is a busy guy.   I don’t know if he is a bot – a paid short dumper, or just an insanely angry bagholder.  Whatever the case – he is a one of kind.

Maybe the most interesting person of all on StockTwits is a guy who goes by the handle CharlieTheHomeless.  This guy has made the deliberate choice to live a homeless lifestyle while investing in a bunch of penny stocks in an attempt to strike it rich, retire early, in a paid for house and smoke pot all day.  At least that is what he says he wants to do.   I chatted with  Charlie a bit in a couple of direct messages and I was impressed with how dedicated he was to the lifestyle.  I honestly do believe he is legit and homeless.  Interestingly, he has a job, and he has been through a lot in life, he rejects the traditional path and wants to make it on his own terms.  He told me he had a vision about HMNY – although he may have been high at the time.  He found the HMNY board and went all in.   I really hope HMNY turns around for Charlie and he gets to live his American dream out.

NOW – Bringing this back to me and you the reader,  maybe I can help some of you.  I highly recommend avoiding the cesspool of StockTwits.   I am trying to quit it – like I am trying to quit Facebook.   I am pretty sure that once HMNY and Moviepass are dead dead, I will be able to kick the bad habit of checking it out just one more time…

Today I made the bad mistake of checking in and ran into some dude who calls himself Hans_jergoff –  He seems like a total jerkoff, so the name appears to be fitting.   He/She is a fairly prolific short on HMNY and loves rubbing the “I told you so” off on people’s faces.   He trolled me today and I was foolish enough to engage.   My father always told me, don’t wrestle with a pig, you will both end up covered in shit, but only the pig will have fun.   That was pretty much the case with jergoff today.  It was messy.

There was a time when I said I would miss the HMNY StockTwits board.   But now I know I was just being a stupid jerghoff when I said that.

Of course, there is a .000000001% chance that Moviepass survives, and if it does, and a miracle happens, I hope jergoff is still around to take a shot from me!