The Hogs and Whiners are not Quitting Moviepass Nearly as Much as Feared or Maybe Even Hoped

As far as I can tell it seems that there is a lot more bitching and complaining about the new Moviepass plans than there is actual quitting of the service.

People hate losing stuff and in the days of social media, the voracious complainers tend to stomp out the voices of the silent majority. What is very interesting is that even with all the hang wringing, whining and bellyaching,it seems that most people are still hanging on to their maligned Moviepass cards.

And why not? If you actually use the card 1 time a month it does pay for itself. If you use it 3 times a month, it is still the best deal going for movie theater consumption. Sure some heavy users are going to switch over to the AMC plan for $20 a month. But the reality is, 85% of customers don’t see more than 3 movies a month anyway. Most, on average, see a little less than 1 movie a month. At $15 a ticket, you only need see 8 movies a year for the subscription to pay for itself.

Sure some people are all bent about the deal changing. And the dorks that were going almost every day are having Facebook freak outs and Twitter tirades. But that stuff is just normal noise for Moviepass.

To know that people are adjusting to the new Moviepass reality you only have to go as far as this latest story from Business Insider. All the movies you’re allowed to see with MoviePass this weekend, and which day

These stories are written specifically because people are searching for this information. As I have explained before, these pubs are basically writing nonstop about Moviepass because there’s a big enough audience of people who care enough to click on the story.

Make no mistake. People are sticking with Moviepass, they are accepting the new terms and conditions, and it is logical for them to do so.

Many resent the company for the changes and bad customer service. But let’s be clear, if changes and bad customer service were clear indicators of businesses going under- there would be no Comcast, Sprint, T-Mobile, Microsoft and a long list of other companies.

Moviepass will likely hang on to a high percentage of its vociferous disgruntled customers, just like the cable companies have held on to their customers.

People complain about low fare airlines, about the ill effects of Walmart, the food at McDonald’s, and too many ads on the Internet. But they put up with all of them and their inconveniences because most people are inherently cheap, and they seek out the best deal.

Consumers bitch, but they vote with their pocket books. So don’t be surprised when Moviepass drops a lot fewer subscribers than you might be expecting.