Top 25 List of MoviePass / HMNY Posts

  1. Is MoviePass a Disruptive Innovator or Just Bad Middle Man?
  2. I Have Not Given Up on MoviePass
  3. Peak Pricing Appears to be a Direct Hit

  4. MoviePass Valuation Comparisons to Other Unicorns
  5. MoviePass Swag is Out!

  6. David just Tossed the Rock at Goliath – AMC is Mortally Wounded
  7. MoviePass Surge Pricing Disrupts Decades of Uniformed Movie Pricing
  8. In Defense of Ted Farnsworth
  9. Helios & Matheson the Name Sucks!
  10. MoviePass for Your Health
  11. Subscriptions Are Big Business & Worth BIG Money
  12. HMNY Reverse Stock Split Panic
  13. HMNY Naked Short Selling – What is it? Why it is Bad, And How Investors Can Fight Back
  14. My Quick Take on MoviePass Films
  15. AMC’s Adam Aron Interview -Plays Down Chinese Ownership and Sticks to Previous Claims of Onerous Deal Terms From MoviePass
  16. Why Does MoviePass Get No Valuation Respect? Racism, Ageism and No Investor Love
  17. HMNY – Delusion Dilution & a Little Bit of Disgust
  18. MoviePass – Why The Earnings Don’t Really Matter -Yet
  19. A Proxy Battle and a Clash of Egos is Now Holding Back HMNY & MoviePass Stock
  20. MoviePass is Crossing the Chasm Into the Tornado – We’re Dancing Man
  21. Video Interviews with Ted Farnsworth and Mitch Lowe of MoviePass
  22. What the heck is going on here! Is MoviePass really going BK?
  23. Adam Aron’s (AMC CEO) Bizarre Responses to MoviePass Subscription Questions
  24. Steve Jobs Predicted A MoviePass Like Service One Year Before Passing – He Saw The MoviePass Business Model
  25. Why Behavioral Economics Makes Helios & Matheson’s (HMNY) Moviepass a Misunderstood Buy