We Are Almost There! The End is Near!

Almost every two bit “I told you so” article from second rate sites like Seeking Alpha to Motley Fool have been published. Moviepass has been officially condemned and written off by the financial press. The not dead yet company is still getting thrashed across social media as the hog users who lost their BFF too good to be true service- cry it out across Facebook and Twitter.

I for one will be glad when this is totally over. Come what will, BK, BO, Short Squeeze – Bring it on!!

Is this what capitulation looks like? Maybe.

Is big money moving in slowly here? Some think so. Others think it’s another head fake.

The numbers will tell the story soon enough.

Earnings day will come, new filings on Burn and cash position along with updated sub numbers will tell the story.

If your were in before the RS -the wait will be long and arduous. Or it won’t- and that will be worse.

The end is near! Or is it?